Jubilee Quaich results!

The Jubilee Quaich was held today with 7 teams. The winners were Gordon Hurst, Terry Scott, Margaret Witty and Julia Anderson. Jubilee Quaich Winners!

Tom Stirling Memorial Trophy

The day was well attended on a day of great weather. The winners were Ian Louden, Irene Aitken, Matt Chalmers and Lynne Smith with the runners-up William McDermid, Krys Heaton, Janette McDonald and Lynne Smith. The trophy was presented by Eleanor Stirling.

Ladies Open

Ladies Open Day was held on 5th May.The ladies of the club welcomed bowlers from Johnstone and District plus two clubs from across the river. It was a very successful day of bowling followed by a lovely afternoon tea.

Kingston Cup Results!

🏆 1st tournament of the season today was held in glorious weather albeit a little breezy. After the group stages the semi-finalists were Matt Chalmers and Gordon Hurst v Carol Ramsey and Leighton Henderson. Margaret Witty and Harry Eadie v Ian Louden and Callum Munro. Matt Chalmers and Gordon Hurst progressed along with Ian Louden... Continue Reading →

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